Keyba Careers is a newly founded company which launched early 2018. The Keyba Careers ‘Employer Engagement Program’ is a short, online course that is designed to help young people prepare for the workforce by teaching them what to expect from the employer’s perspective, not just through the recruitment stage but also throughout their career.

How it began

Colin Wilson, Director of Key Business Advisors, has a passion for helping young people. Since early 2014, Colin together with his wife Lorraine, formed a partnership with YouthNow, a Non-for-Profit organisation in Sunshine, and volunteered their time by developing and facilitating a training program to help young people secure a job of their choice. The program initially called “Telesales and Customer Service Program” was so successful it grew into what is now known as the “Employer Engagement Program”.


Support from the Local Government

To ensure sustainability and continued success of the program, the most logical next step was to convert it to an online training program. In June 2017, Key Business Advisors were very fortunate to receive a local government grant from the City of Moonee Valley. It was with this grant that the Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program became an online platform and Keyba Careers came to fruition. This opens up the program to so many more young people. We can now reach out Australia-wide to help job seekers be better prepared to transition into the workforce.

The short, online training course has been written from an employer’s point of view through our experience working closely with countless organisations throughout our ten years in business at Key Business Advisors, which is our point of difference.

The materials within the program have been developed through Key Business Advisors training workshops. The skills learnt are transferrable for all age brackets which can be used in everyday life.
We know that young people are very tech savvy and hungry for online information, but more importantly want to find a job and develop a career. Youth unemployment is a serious concern and in this competitive market it can be tough for young people to get the opportunity they need to enter the workforce.

Who can do the program?

The program was designed for young people to better prepare them for work and life however,
anyone can do the program to upskill themselves and better their chances. Whether they have finished secondary school, University, looking for part-time or full-time employment, an internship, a graduate position or apprenticeship, this program is the next step in their career path.
The ‘Employer Engagement Program’ is also ideal for international students as it will give them insight into the Australian workforce and what employers expect in the workplace.
For a taste of what the program is about, you can register to the first lesson for free. www.keybacareers.com.au


Partnership Program

Find out about our Partnership Program and how you can make a positive social impact on our community.
You can support the young people within your community by purchasing subscriptions of the program and donating to a non-for-profit organisation or school. Contact us today to find out how you can support our young people in Australia become job ready and are better prepared for when they transition to work.



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