By Key Business Advisors
Covid-19 Webinars Webinar

Speakers : Colin Wilson, Director KBA and Jeremy Trotman, Director JTA

1) Your obligation as an employer in keeping your staff safe from COVID-19
2) How to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in your workplace. What type of cleaners and cleaning methods should we use?

3) Understanding all about face masks and how they can protect you.
  • What about masks?
  • What types are available and what are their capabilities?
  • What about cleaning or recycling masks?
  • What about home-made masks as suggested by the US Surgeon general recently or using scarves or other materials as masks?
4) Why keeping your staff safe will increase staff commitment to keep you in business?

Download Slide Deck – April Webinar 2020 -JTA-Keeping your employees safe from Covid19 – Final

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