By Key Business Advisors
Covid-19 Webinars Webinar

Presenter: Colin Wilson, Director KBA, Mark Said, CEO, MKS Group

Topics include:

1. Getting through these challenging times with all the confusion  

  • The value of seeking the right advice to keep you in business
  • Putting the necessary things in place that will get you back on track
  • Why you must think differently and create new opportunities

2.  Using your Accountant to help identify better income streams  

  • Define the “New Normal” – what does it look like?
  • Re-establish your business
  • Evaluate the Competition – Mergers and Acquisitions

3.  Understanding better initiatives that can help rebuild your business  

  • Tax Planning Time – the most important meeting with your Accountant
  • Maximise Government Grants
  • Keep the Cashflow happening

4.  How to get your business back on track without being distracted by COVID-19 

  • Don’t be distracted
  • Focus on today
  • Make tomorrow happen

  5. Why you must communicate and engage with your team of advisors  

    • Now more than anything, you must be agile and transparent
    • Seeking the right advice and tapping into industry experts will be a game-changer
    • Start building the foundations of your Advisory Board to thrive post COVID-19

Download Slide Deck –  May Webinar 2020 -Business Post Covid19

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