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Since 2008, Key Business Advisors have helped grow countless businesses in capital and regional areas throughout Australia by linking expert HR advice and customised training programs.

An expert team of HR Advisors free you from the pressures of managing staff and complying with legal requirements whilst improving work practices, efficiency and staff management processes. We achieve this by implementing best practice HR processes and procedures into your business.

We also train and develop your staff using our popular customised training programs. These programs improve staff performancecustomer service, customer satisfaction and most importantly increase your sales and profits. Our friendly trainers have years of experience and know what works and what is required to take your staff to the next level.

Taking your Business from Good to Great

Our slogan, “Taking Businesses from Good to Great”, comes from the iconic Management Book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins where he explains the importance of having Level 5 Leadership in an organisation – “Level 5” refers to the highest level of executive capabilities that Collins and his team identified in their research. His book discusses the importance of first getting the right people on the bus, then working out where it’s going.

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