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There is no doubt hiring the best candidates is becoming more difficult for many employers. Why? Well, firstly, we have a skill shortage here in Australia as there is no one coming to our shores internationally. Secondly, there are people who are scared to move from their current environment because of job security. And now, with travel lockdowns, this is starting to make things more difficult unless you’re open to running a totally virtual business. There are some industries finding it harder than others when it comes to recruiting. KBA believes we are currently in a candidates’ market, and not the other way around. We are seeing more and more frustrated employers who just can’t land that person they need which is making it harder for them to run a successful business.

So, what does a company need to do now to secure the best talent on the market? What is going to make someone apply for a role within your company and not your competitors? Do you offer a flexible work environment? Most importantly, are you a good employer, and do you showcase this? Would your staff endorse your company to new or potential recruits? Do you have a good strategy and direction with solid goals and objectives? What about the culture of your company; are your staff aligned to the brand of your business?

This is all something to think about as you try to find the right talent for your business. We are constantly hearing that employers are not receiving good quality applications to interview. In other instances,  when they do offer a job role, there have been cases where someone has started the job and then, after a few days, they have not come back and have abandoned their employment because they were not a good fit or were oversold on the role. We have all seen what happens with quick lockdowns where employers have offered a job role and then changed the start date due to lockdowns, to which the candidate has then changed their mind.

There is no doubt that employers are challenged, and it is stressful, but they also need to think that it is also stressful for the candidate as well. As a result, they need to make sure that they eliminate any obstacles to make it easier for the next round of talent to join their company. They also need to understand that time is of the essence, and they cannot delay, get side-tracked, or change their mind on what they want after they have started the interview process.

Below are some things we know employers are being judged on by potential candidates applying or considering a job opportunity with them:

The talented people that you are looking for are doing their research more so now than ever before. They do not want to work for a company that is disjointed, negative, misaligned, or has a poor culture, because they don’t want that extra pressure or stress. They are researching you and your company before even applying, during the interview process, and before they make their final decision. As this is a job seekers’ market, you need to ensure that your company ticks all the boxes. You need to ensure that if someone does their research on your company what they find will be great, as this will persuade them to apply. Recruiters judge a person’s resume and application throughout the whole interview process. Most of the time they write a lot of people off because they do not like the applications. Little do recruiters know that job seekers are judging them, as well.

As you move into more challenges to grow a company, you need to ensure that you can demonstrate and prove that your company has a good strategy, great leadership with a direction that also offers collaboration, teamwork, positive culture, and a place to grow. When a staff member starts in a company, on their first day they need to say to themselves, “I have come to the right place based on what I have researched, and I have made the right decision”. As an employer you may think to yourself, “I have now got the talent my company needs!” But now you must also go above and beyond to prove that you have a great company to keep them. This also means that you are prepared to invest in and train them as well.

KBA knows from experience when you are a good employer, you will attract the right people. We know if you offer a solid induction program, that is more than just 1 day where you can showcase the journey of your company and explain where this new starter can fit in and grow in your company, then you will be rewarded in return. Good employers put the time in to ensure their new starters will be successful and not fail them. Most of all, others within the company also demonstrate good leadership and cohesion to ensure these new starters are successful, which is reassuring. If you are struggling for good talent, then you as an employer need to raise the bar and demonstrate that you have a great, ethical company, as this will attract the best talent.

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