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Do you provide other services aside from business advice?

Yes, we provide small and medium-sized businesses with a lot more than business advice. Our team of qualified and professional HR Advisors can work with your HR department or take over the entire HR function in your business. We also have highly experienced Sales Trainers and Advisors who develop and conduct customised sales training programs for clients in various industries.


Do I have to engage all of your services (business advice, sales training and HR) at the same time?

No, you can engage any one of our services depending on your business needs. We have clients who only require sales training and/or advice, and other clients who only need our HR services. We do find that clients who utilise both our HR services and sales training and advice/coaching at the same time see more significant results within a shorter period of time because we can work with them to implement a combined HR and sales strategy.


Are you only based in Melbourne?

No, we are a national company and currently have a head office in Melbourne which services customers Australia wide. We regularly travel to visit our clients, who are located in major cities and regional areas throughout Australia, to provide sales training or to perform HR functions on site when necessary.

I am a business owner in a small regional area. Do you have experience working with and knowledge of conducting business in country areas?

Absolutely. A significant number of our clients are based in small regional areas, and we have been successfully working with them for years.

My manager isn’t getting the best out of the staff members. Do you provide a training course that will help my manager in her/his role?

Yes, we have a program called “How to Manage and Motivate Staff through a HR Process,” which covers key areas managers need to know to better perform in their roles.

I am struggling to find quality staff and don’t have the time to invest in doing recruitment myself. I‘ve outsourced my recruitment to a major recruitment company and find that the costs are fairly high compared to the very little return on investment that I am getting from the new employees. Can you help?

Yes! We offer recruitment services and follow a process that allows us to pick the candidate who is best suited for your business. We focus on behavioural interview techniques and on the key competencies required for the role and your team. We follow a well-structured, compliant and professional method that has a very high success rate.


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