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Are you one of the business owners that can’t catch a break with staff turnover?

Do you ask yourself why are staff leaving?

Living in a post-Covid life, you may have noticed that your turnover is changing. Some staff want a career change, some are not working to the expected level and become complacent, and others have issues with the managers and business. We support our clients by conducting exit interviews, and some of the feedback has been that the business does not align with the employees’ values or says they are not going to change.

Some of the reasons your staff may be leaving are:

  • Needing more of a challenge
  • Searching for job growth and career advancement
  • Want to feel valued and have more recognition
  • Want a better company culture
  • Feeling uninspired/ unmotivated in the current role
  • Looking for a higher salary
  • Wanting more flexibility – better work-life balance
  • Wanting to work closer to home
  • Wanting less micromanaging

In other instances, when you are hiring someone, you may not be onboarding them correctly just because you don’t have time. It’s important to set aside some time to work on this.

Inducting a new hire to your business is what helps make the employee a successful transition to your business. You want to ensure that you are providing them with the best opportunity to learn, grow, and understand your business and how to do things. As managers and business owners, all the information on how to do things is generally in your head and not written down on paper. 

We recommend setting aside some time to plan for your next recruit. The key things you want to consider are:

  • Do you have the right onboarding forms to ensure compliance?
  • Do you have a position description for this role, and are you clear on the KPIs that you are giving them?
  • Who will be looking after their induction?
  • Have you considered having one of your key staff members support your induction with the new hire?
  • How do you make their first 2 weeks of work memorable?

We understand you may be deflated due to turnover, but you need to consider the best possible solution for you and the business. Ask yourself, what is the risk if I don’t onboard correctly? What is the risk if I don’t motivate my staff?

You may want to consider what options you have available to decrease staff turnover. Here are some of our workshops to improve employee engagement and keep you and your business on the right track:

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