Roger Watson KBA Sales Training Salamander BayRoger Watson, Sales Trainer and Advisor, is Key Business Advisors’ first-ever Employee of the Month!

During KBA’s annual company conference in June, KBA Director Colin Wilson launched the Employee of the Month Award to inspire every team member to continue to give their best in taking businesses from good to great, and to acknowledge those who do exceptionally well in a particular month. Everyone in the team except Colin can receive the award.

Roger, who has been with KBA for almost a year now, received the highest number of votes from his colleagues at KBA. He has been consistently wowing the rest of the KBA team and clients, not only with his magic tricks but most importantly the results he has achieved for the company and KBA’s clients.

Some KBA staff members who nominated Roger said he stood out in July because of:

  • “his ability to liven up the working environment and share his motivation and success with the team. I believe Roger’s confidence and his self-satisfaction sets him apart from the rest of the team. It is evident that he loves what he is doing!”
  • “Persistence, Persistence, Persistence – pays off!”
  • “Roger’s turnaround proves he is The Ultimate Sales Professional and Trainer”

They said some of the things that others can learn from Roger are:

  • “that you need to persist, as success doesn’t come easy. You need to manage the lows to achieve the highs; that unless you are active, you will not succeed!”
  • “that when the going gets tough, the tough get going!”
  • “sharing success stories, what has worked, how did he communicate with clients, what made them decide to book the training with Roger.”
  • “[that] you have to make the phone calls and speak to the business owners to get the bookings”
  • “[that] determination, commitment and focus really do pay off”

Congratulations, Roger!

For more information on Roger, please read his profile here. You can contact him on 1300 4 ADVICE, email roger@keyba.com.au or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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