As leaders and managers, we can be time-poor and find it hard to find time to provide support to new hires. We are trying to keep the business running, and it can sometimes feel that training a new hire or answering a lot of questions can slow you down.

What if you put aside some time to train and support the new hire within their first 2 weeks in the business? What if you had a plan to have other members of the business help you induct that staff member? What if you had a product or service champion to educate the new staff member and all you would have to do is check their understanding?

It’s important that you give a new staff member a great first impression. Seeing that you are organised and have a plan for them in the business shows that you are organised and happy to have them as part of your team. It also shows that you and your employees are part of a cohesive team and culture and that they made the right choice of joining your team and business. 

Induction plans should outline 2 weeks worth of planning:

Day one

  • Have the manager introduce them to the team and place of work
  • An overview of the company expectations and policies
  • Compliance and onboarding documents
  • Housekeeping and Emergency Plan

Week 1

  • Arrange a time with members of the team/departments to get an understanding of their role
  • Continue reading and understanding company expectations and policies 
  • Provide training with product/service champions to understand what they are selling
  • Go through company procedures
  • Working with a buddy on tasks

It is important to check in at the end of week one to see how they are finding the role and the business.

Week 2

By this week, your team member should have a basic understanding of the business. 

You would want them to start doing tasks independently, asking you for assistance, and continue working through additional training.

It is important to finish off the 2-week induction by summarising their learnings and continue to plan for the next few months.

By the end of month one, your staff member should have a basic level of understanding of the business. By month 3, they should have the capability to sell your products and services and educate your clients on their needs. If they are a salesperson, they should be working towards achieving their targets. By month 5, you should know if the person would make or break it in the business.

Should you have issues with a staff member between months 3 to 5, they are most likely not a great fit for the business.

If you find that this is happening in the business, we are here to help and guide you through this process. Call us at 1300 4 ADVICE to help you put a plan in place.

Here are some of our workshops to improve employee engagement and keep you and your business on the right track:

If you need help and support, contact us at 1300 4 ADVICE.

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