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Stephanie Boudehen KBA KeyBA Employee of the MonthKEY Business Advisors Director Colin Wilson has announced that Stephanie Boudehen, HR Advisor, is KBA’s Employee of the Month for the combined months of December and January.

KBA colleagues said they nominated Stephanie because of the following reasons:

  • [She is] committed to and focused on delivering quality service to clients.
  • For diving head-first into her new position and representing KBA at a highly professional level.
  • New to the company and thrown in the deep end, Stephanie has shown she is capable of achieving great results for our business and clients.
  • In such a short time with KBA, Steph has shown initiative, dedication and loyalty to the business and to the clients.
  • Stephanie’s commitment and customer service are outstanding and represent Quality, Focus and Deliver.

Moreover, Stephanie’s colleagues said she stood out in the months of December and January because:

  • [She is] self-driven and results-driven in her first three months [with the company].
  • [She achieved] STUNNING results with her first major client! She handled the client’s situations in a highly professional manner, thus reflecting the professionalism of KBA.
  • [She received] a great testimonial and a huge bunch of flowers from a client in appreciation of her hard work and dedication.
  • [of her] high work ethic – the ability to ensure that the information [she gives] to the client is accurate and checked before committing to her response. She will work longer hours to meet deadlines without being asked; she continually asks relevant questions, keen to learn and achieve success in her role.
  • the flowers and testimonial she received from one of our clients was just brilliant – it was the best unsolicited testimonial I have ever seen in this business.

They said that what others could learn from Stephanie are:

  • to dig deep and keep focused even when it gets tough
  • to be persistent, professional and go crazy on the inside! You will reap the rewards!
  • to take it one step at a time, keep calm and focused and you can achieve your goals
  • If you want to succeed at anything, you do you need to make the effort. Don’t give up when things get too hard; persevere to achieve the outcome you need and the reward you receive is the satisfaction of doing a great job for the client and for KeyBA.
  • Roll up your selves and just do it with passion and determination.

Congratulations, Stephanie!

For more information on Stephanie, please read her profile here. You can contact her on 1300 4 ADVICE, email info@keyba.com.au, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

About The Author

Colin Wilson

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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