Jessica ShanahanJessica Shanahan, HR Advisor, is KBA’s Employee of the Month for October.

KBA Director Colin Wilson revealed that the employees who nominated Jessica said they did so because:

  • Jess has stepped up and taken on so many tasks in October to assist KBA’s clients and the rest of the HR team
  • Jess is self-driven when it comes to dealing with new clients and new challenges while being based in Queensland and not KBA’s head office. She asks for support if she needs it.
  • Jess is committed to taking KBA’s clients to the next level

Jess’s colleagues said she stood out in October because:

  • “Even when I have been stuck, Jess assisted in a timely manner and ensured that I knew what I was doing.”
  • “There was no hesitation in taking on the extra tasks given to her. No complaints – she just got the job done with no fuss, learning and supporting her outcomes… [she] wants to make a difference!”
  • “Her can-do positive attitude has been fantastic with supporting her leader.”
  • “[She is] able to work alone in Queensland remotely and is committed to her role.”

According to KBA staff members who nominated Jess, everyone can learn the following from her:

  • “Teamwork is what Jess has shown this month” even though she is based far away from KBA’s headquarters.
  • “[Do not hesitate] to jump on the phone for any matter – enquiry, opportunity, support or advice.”
  • “Attitude is the key to supporting the values of KBA.”

Congratulations, Jess!

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Colin Wilson

My passion is to HELP grow a company’s capabilities to reach its full potential. How I do that is by supporting many business owners in implementing better Business Strategies, Sales and Customer Services as well as drive Employee Engagement.

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