Rebecca BrownKey Business Advisors Director Colin Wilson has announced that Rebecca Brown, HR Coordinator, has been voted by the KBA team as Employee of the Month of October.

The KBA team members who nominated Rebecca for the award said they did so because:

  • Rebecca has faced numerous challenges this month and still remains very positive and focused
  • She has overcome very difficult times
  • She encountered several tough cases in the past month, asked for support and handled them extremely well

According to her colleagues, the reasons Rebecca stood out in October were:

  • Her positive attitude despite the amount of issues she faced last month
  • The fact that she keeps smiling even as things get tough – she looks for solutions
  • Her outstanding ability to work collaboratively with the KBA team

They said others could learn the following from her:

  • How to remain focused and positive
  • How to go with the flow and “let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day”
  • Looking for solutions to problems

Congratulations, Bec!

For more information on Rebecca, click here to read her profile.

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