As this year comes to a close and as companies begin crafting their goals for 2020, now is the time to think about hosting a sales conference for 2020.

A sales team is deemed to be the central force of any organisation. Conducting a conference not only increases the sales, but it also upskills the team and gets everyone on the same page. Most importantly it’s all about leveraging from the teamwork, closing the gaps and generate more profitable sales.

Sales conferences can be boring, but if done right there are many benefits. The goal is to have a good facilitator who understands your business well to conduct your Sales Conference. The art of selling has changed over the last 3-5 years. Doing business is faster than ever, thanks to social media. However, the one thing that has not changed is the result-driven impact of having a sales coach. Getting a professional sales coach to talk to your team gives high ROI. An expert in strategic sales knows what your team is looking for and can confidently coach your staff to upskill.

A professional salesperson is expected to work harder than ever. They need to know how to sell themselves and the company they work for (your brand) better than anyone else. Modern salespeople need to ask the right questions and be a fact finder. They need to know how to introduce themselves in a way that is not overpowering. They need to build trust, engagement and be able to deliver the brand’s story without overwhelming the customer. With the market being so dynamic, they need to be well aware of the product and the industry they work for, and they need to be customer-focused.

Salespeople cannot wing it anymore. They have to be “The Ultimate Sales Professional” in your company and lead from the front. A good sales conference will bring out what your professional salespeople are really good at, and also not so good at. You need to find out if they still have the will power, the determination, and the passion for sales. They need this drive to ensure current and new potential clients stay with your company. Good sales and customer service generates lots of referrals, which is an important process in lead generation. Referrals create a halo effect on your business and give your salespeople an opportunity to nurture new leads.

Don’t forget, if you are conducting a sales conference, you must have other key stakeholders from your company involved. Why? Because it’s all about getting departments aligned to generate more and more sales.

Sales professionals are always client-facing and out in the market generating sales every day.  As part of the sales conference, they’d be able to share some valuable insights on just how hard it is to generate business, especially new business. Many a time, when facilitating a sales conference, the sales team often puts the blame on certain products, pricing, competition, service, internal departments etc, for not achieving targets. You want to ensure that everyone supports the sales process so it does not become a blame issue. To fix this, it is important to have a sales conference with your key stakeholders so everyone’s on the same page with your sales gameplan that will get your team to perform better.  Having good case studies and team building activities will generate more cohesion within a company.

The Benefits of conducting a Sales Conference:

1: Cohesion

A sales conference is a great way to get everyone working collaboratively. You want to ensure everyone is on the same page. You also want to foster confidence within your company to deliver the outcomes you want.

2: Alignment

You need to ensure everyone, including stakeholders from other departments, are aligned. As a result, they can deliver on the outcomes from promises made, and know their boundaries. 

3: Understanding

It’s all about getting a good understanding of what sales is, and how marketing strategies, internal processes, and systems can support sales. Stakeholders in other departments also need to understand just how hard sales can be, so get them all involved.

4: Engagement

A good facilitator will create better engagement amongst attendees, so everyone supports what is right for your existing and potential clients. It’s all about great teamwork and trust.

5: Purpose

A good sales conference is not about just going through the numbers. It’s about creating a purpose that brings motivation, which in turn generates more sales. Having customised sales training conducted within your sales conference brings it all together, to achieve better results.

 6: Passion

When your team has passion, you have everything you need to achieve greater results. A good facilitator also needs to be a great sales professional, with a proven track record. It is their job to put everything on the table to help your team achieve better results.

 7: Achievement

A good sales conference needs to create a great sense of achievement at the end. It should also create a list of things or actionable items that need to be adhered to, in order to make the company more successful.

A good sales conference is all about achieving better results. And you need to understand that results just don’t happen. You need to bring your whole team together and create accountability. We are all looking for year-on-year growth and more profits even in a more competitive market. A great facilitator, who knows sales, can lead your company in conducting a sales conference. It’s all about the preparation and the sales audit beforehand.

For my clients, I prefer to mystery shop or chat with some existing clients before I conduct a sales conference. That gives me a good insight into what is happening within the company. A good sales conference with a great facilitator will bring out the best in everyone. At the very least it will raise the bar high enough, so your salespeople understand where they have to change and grow.

If your company is looking at conducting a sales conference next year, and you want one that works, then please do your research first. You need to find the right facilitator who is also a professional salesperson that is a good fit for your company. More importantly, they need to know how to read and manage people, to ensure the right behaviours and attitudes come out at the conference. It needs to be a memorable one, to make your team want more and more!

At KBA, we are a team that is very passionate about taking businesses from good to great. If you want to learn how to build a better sales strategy into your company in 2020, and beyond, then contacts us today. We are here to help and assist you to achieve your company and personal goals!

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Colin Wilson

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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