During this pandemic, unfortunately many companies have experienced a big downturn in their sales.  However, its promising to see some companies have been able to hold up steady whilst others have gone in a different direction with accelerated sales results.

We are all waiting for Melbourne to open up, and are desperate to travel interstate to generate good business.  As this starts to happen in the coming weeks, you will see sales opportunities skyrocket. Now is the time to prep your sales team and make sure they are ready with their sales plan.  And for those companies who have had a good run to this point, you need to focus on sustaining the business you have acquired as things could get challenging as we transition back to the new normal.

During the past 6 months, many companies have invested heavily in marketing and have pivoted their business to try and generate more online sales.  We can see companies try to leverage on the Covid-19 situation that we are in to thrive through these times. As a result, we are all being bombarded with advertising messages online which is causing fatigue and confusion.  At the end of this month, Job Keeper is going to reduce which will put more pressure on the company’s bottom line to survive especially if their sales revenue doesn’t pick up.

We have noticed an upward trend in companies trying to reduced staff hours to weather through these tumultuous times. In my opinion, it’s the sales and customer service teams that can help these companies get back on track. Nevertheless, sales are the blood of every business and this is not going to change. We all love that human element of doing business and it’s here to stay! Yes, we have adapted to doing Zoom or Teams meetings , however I am sure that customers will want that good old face-to-face interaction again. So now lets focus on getting you started with a good game plan.

Some tips that might be useful to grow more sales:

  • Get back to basics to build the motivation and confidence
  • Focus on the outcomes and not problems
  • Make sure your marketing and sales team are on the same page
  • Get active and get your sales team to follow up all current and past leads, current and old clients. Be at the forefront to win every opportunity
  • Start networking your company back into action and get referrals
  • Get that sales pipeline growing with better forecasting
  • Close more sales!

During this pandemic, many companies have let things slip by from a sale perspective due to remote working and having limited access to client information. CRM’s are not updated, proposals have been slow and accurate forecasting has been impossible as offices have been closed, whilst key contacts have been hard to get hold of or have not answered their phone.  Melbourne will be soon ready for business and you need to get prepared.  It is your sales team that must deliver as your entire company is relying on them.  You need to get your sales team to have the right mindset and find that magic which brings back good sales revenue.  More than ever, you need your sales team to fire and perform.  They need to have a high resilience of rejection to be successful, so you need to keep feeding them positivity!

Here are some free sales resources to increase your Sales Opportunities during COVID-19:

Useful information

At KBA, we are very passionate about helping companies with their sales and business needs. If you need help in generating more sales or changing the mindset of your sales team, then please book in a FREE 15 min chat with me.


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Colin Wilson

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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