Many businesses think that HR software is the answer to managing staff. But how does it deal with the actual people element of employee engagement and motivation in your business? Don’t get me wrong, HR Software is great for record keeping and producing documents, but can it deal with the everyday human aspect of managing people? No!


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Managing staff is about setting goals, having a vision, company values and purpose. Your staff need to feel emotionally connected to your business, by doing meaningful work themselves and for your customers. Training staff to increase their skill levels is now a vital part of everyday business, because competition is your biggest challenge. It is your responsibility to ensure that your staff are 100% aligned with your goals; wanting to go above and beyond to help you stay in business. And it’s you, and your management team, that must have the leadership/management skills to build a high-performing team.

Managing people is more than a process or a system; it’s all about the environment you create and your leadership skills that need to excel in order to make a difference. There are many industry professionals out there that can help you in dealing with the people aspect of running a business.  They can help you with handling all the different personalities and understanding the emotional intelligence of running a business. At KBA, we are focused on helping our customers grow within their business and expand on opportunities.


We have a proven method in taking customers from good to great, and below is an example of our customer journey map we focus on with our customers.

customer journey figure eight


  • Employee Engagement

    Staff satisfaction and motivation is what builds a great culture and achieves company goals. Having a high-performing team that does meaningful work produces massive results. It’s all about the people depth of an organisation; and succession planning is what gets everyone engaged to perform as a team. It also builds high staff retention where knowledge and IP remain in your business.

  • Recruitment

    Having a good recruitment strategy in your business is all about how to attract the right talent. In today’s world, the way you market your business for recruitment must be innovative, as the market is always changing. You must look at better ways to target the potential talent you’re searching for. How can you attract them to your business, especially young people as things have changed in the way they respond? It’s now about marketing to their needs as opposed to employer’s needs! Once you have recruited the right person for your business, it’s then about the successful planning of professionally inducting them into your business and setting them up for success.

  • Compliance

    The Fair Work Ombudsman enforces compliance with the Fair Work Act, related legislation, modern awards, and registered agreements. Many business owners get confused with their obligations on pay rates and workplace conditions, especially when things change. The Fair Work Commission is the ruler of minimum wages and employment conditions, as well as a range of other workplace functions and regulation. When organisations get caught up in not paying employees correctly or should any unfair dismissal, adverse action claim or bullying or harassment claim come your way, you better be prepared as this becomes very costly for a business. If you don’t understand the compliance industry, assistance from HR/IR professionals is your answer.

  • Performance Management

    Employees of today want to know how they are performing. In today’s world they also want to rate their manager on how they are managing and leading them! Having an appropriate performance management process creates great employee engagement. Conducting regular one-on-one’s, performance appraisals/reviews that are linked to a strategy will increase your employee’s skill level and performance. Staff also need to understand the boundaries of what is accepted and what is not accepted. They need to be educated as to what happens and what the process is if they are under performing or should any misconduct occur on their part. The better the education, the better engagement.

  • Staff Training

    Staff are expected to perform at their best and meet the KPI’s of their job role which is the obligation of their employment. Companies are expected to induct, train, and guide their staff on what they need to do to perform in all aspects of their role. Staff training and development never stops as today’s technologies keep evolving. Training needs to be innovative, engaging and motivating, otherwise staff switch off. Leaders in a company need consistent training on how to be a great manager, coach, and mentor to their team. Leaders need to learn how to be great facilitators when conducting team meetings, training sessions etc. Training is all about getting the skill level up to build strong capability in your business, and sometimes you need to bring outside experts in.

  • Teamwork

    Every business owner expects great team work within their business to ensure they deliver high customer satisfaction and repeat business. Again, it’s all about the environment you create and the motivation of your team to perform. Every staff member wants to be part of a winning team and unless you have good vision, values and purpose in your business then what are you trying to achieve as a company? Every business owner wants results in their business, especially high sales results that brings good profits, but unless you have the right people with the right mindset, it’s hard to have great teamwork. A high performing team is a team that relies on one another, with different skill sets to achieve great results.

  • Leadership and Management

    Every business owner strives to have great leadership in their business. As managers, you can’t manage what you can’t measure and too many times staff are either over managed (micro managed) or under managed. Having great leadership and management is all about having a well-balanced plan that is linked to strategy. You cannot have leadership if there is no trust in your business. If you have no trust, then you can’t have good debates or conflict about how to improve or grow. It’s all about the commitment and accountability that is set, and it’s up to your leadership team to create that sense of urgency to achieve the company’s goals, which in return produces fantastic results!

  • Strategy

    Every business must have a good strategy to achieve year on year growth. Our world is becoming very competitive with online shopping, new apps, and innovative software. Competitor’s marketing is also driving profits down, so as a business you need to be evolving and changing the way you operate. Many businesses fail because they have little to no long-term strategy around their people, products and processes. How are you marketing your business today, and is it effective? Do you need to grow better within your business and increase the skill level, or create more diversity to disrupt your competitors? What type of new clients are you trying to attract to your business and how are you driving that? Every business owner is aware of their financial commitments, but are they aware of their risks? Have a strategic plan in place that addresses ‘The How’.  How are you going to grow and stay in business? Living day by day is not a healthy business model however, this happens due to business owners being so time poor. Business owners must focus on thinking about the long-term.

If you like the above, we can help you! KBA have been trading for almost 11 years now and have a team of industry HR, Sales and Business experts that can help you address the human aspects of managing staff within your business. As it’s now 6 weeks until Christmas, a lot of business owners just want to finish this year off strong. However, November is a good time to start planning for 2019 come 1st January you will have a plan in place ready to go. The silly season is about to start and being proactive is key for a big finish for 2018 and a strong start for 2019!

At KBA we are kicking goals for our customers who want to survive 2020 and beyond. You must stay competitive and you need industry experts to help you with your journey, especially if you are a family business, or a business looking to make big changes. At KBA we are very passionate about taking businesses from good to great. We can help you with Business Strategy, Sales Training and Customer Service to all HR aspects of managing people to help you grow. We are here to help and assist you to achieve your business and personal goals.

If you would like help or want to know more about our services, please contact us at Key Business Advisors on 1300 4 ADVICE

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Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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