KBA HR Membership

For peace of mind

A KBA HR Membership gives you access to speak to our HR Advisors for over-the-phone support and general guidance to answer your HR questions.

Benefits of becoming a member:

  • Call 1300 4 ADVICE – Help Line – weekdays – 9.00 – 5.00pm (AEST) – Speak to one of our HR Advisors to give you phone support and general guidance on HR
  • Members discount on other KBA services e.g. discount on public workshops
  • Members discount on HR Advisors’ hourly rate
  • Access to additional resources to support you in your business:
    • Webinars on topical information and practical advice
    • Monthly e-newsletters providing you with topical information and practical advice

HR Membership options include:

Option 1

Pay upfront – annual subscription

Option 2

Pay quarterly for a minimum of 12 months


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