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By Key Business Advisors

Key Business Advisors joins Employment Hero partner program

Q&A with Colin Wilson, Key Business Advisors

As a newly certified partner of Employment Hero, Colin recently sat down with Niamh Moloney from Employment Hero’s partner to discuss how the team at Key Business Advisors will work with Employment Hero.


NM: Welcome Colin, we’re delighted to have the team from Key Business Advisors as one of our certified partners. Can you tell us a little about Key Business Advisors and why you’ve become a partner?

CW: Thanks, Niamh, we’re so excited to be on board. Key Business Advisors has been offering business advice, coaching, mentoring, customised sales training and customer service programs, Human Resources software and solutions advice since 2008. In that time, we’ve successfully grown our business by providing the best solutions for our clients’ needs.

Business conditions have changed significantly since we first opened our doors nine and a half years ago. Now, more of our clients recognise that the key to gaining competitive advantage and business growth is to focus on their core business functions. Many small businesses that still use traditional processes to manage core business tasks can see they’re wasting considerable amounts of valuable time doubling-up on administrative processes which does nothing for their bottom line.

As our clients’ needs have evolved, we’ve chosen to meet these needs by expanding the HR solutions we support to give our clients broader options. And, after evaluating a number of possible solutions available on the market, we decided Employment Hero provided the right technology solution to meet these needs.


NM: Why is HR, payroll and rostering integration so important for your clients?

Our clients understand the urgent need to increase operational efficiencies if they’re going to remain competitive. However, while HR and payroll are dependent upon each other, in many businesses they’re completely different business processes. But, the sheer volume of paperwork and duplication that many small businesses have from using a traditional payroll system with a separate rostering system is enormous. It’s also prone to human error.

So, for many businesses, the answer is having a single platform with integrated HR, rostering and payroll which eliminates the need for data double-handling. It’s fast, accurate, and it doesn’t require 24/7 supervision.


NM: How are you promoting Employment Hero to your clients?

CW: It’s still early days, though we have published a landing page on our website at: https://keyba.com.au/employment-hero/.

When we talk to our clients about their HR and payroll needs, there’s typically a few things clients tell us that makes Employment Hero a perfect fit. The paperwork issue is a telling sign, as is the need to drive operational efficiencies. Essentially any business that is spending more than one or two hours each week managing payroll and HR tasks needs help. These tasks can and must be automated if the business is going to be competitive. Employment Hero will help them dramatically reduce, if not totally eliminate, having their employees perform manual, administrative HR and payroll tasks.

Of course, we’ve already signed up a number of clients who had a pressing need for a single integrated platform for their HR, payroll and rostering.

While there are three tiers of Employment Hero available (free, standard, and premium) plus payroll and rostering, we always recommend to our clients to opt for the premium tier, simply because of the additional functionality. This includes a much broader range of critical people management features and functionality such as induction and onboarding content, workplace policies, leave requests, timesheets, safety and incident reporting, performance reviews and goal setting, medical disclosure statements, and award interpretation. These features are invaluable in managing any people-dependent business.

Of course, any of our clients who are also ANZ Bank business customers, get free access to Employment Hero’s premium tier. For those clients, we just add on the payroll and rostering functionality to meet their needs.


NM: How is the team at Key Business Advisors set up to help businesses transition to Employment Hero?

CW: We are investing in the partnership with Employment Hero by hiring a dedicated Payroll Implementation Specialist to provide a new service to our clients. As well as helping businesses implement Employment Hero, this specialist will also audit payroll processes and provide training to clients on payroll related issues and award interpretation. They will also ensure that clients’ payroll data is accurate and compliant with any applicable awards and of course the Fair Work Act 2009.

NM: Best of luck with your search. We look forward to welcoming your new Payroll Implementation Specialist in the very near future. Thank you for your time today, Colin, and once again, really looking forward to working with you and the team at Key Business Advisors through the Employment Hero partner program.

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