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What to do if your business has been affected by flooding?

Some clients may be affected by the flooding around North Eastern Australia.  If your business has been affected, you still have obligations to your staff.  If you are not able to open/operate during your normal hours, there are some options available for you:

  • Asking your staff to take a period of accrued paid leave (for example, annual leave)
  • Ask your staff to change their days of work, and to consider coming in on other days to make up the time
  • Agree for employees to take leave without pay
  • Stand-down of staff if you meet the eligibility requirements
  • All of the above must be consulted and in writing

If you believe that your business has been affected, please contact one of our HR Consultants to provide you with the best steps in managing this situation to avoid any confusion or disputes.

Our HR Consultants can help ensure that your business meets its compliance obligations.

KBA Useful Information:

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At KBA we are a team that is passionate about taking businesses from good to great. Whether you want to grow your business, better manage your staff, ensure your business is following industry best practices, or ensuring you remain compliant, then please contacts us today as we are here to help!

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