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Many business owners want top performing staff as it is proven quality staff like this help build a quality business. But where do you find them and how do you develop staff within your own business to perform better?

Most businesses have a Business Plan, a Financial Plan, and in todays market with so much concentration on social media, a Marketing Plan to attract more customers. But do they have a staff plan?  In most cases the answer is “No”.

Here are 5 key steps for a good Staff Plan to build your business …

  1. Ensure you have quality position descriptions with a purpose behind them that will ensure staff satisfaction and performance
  2. You must ensure you have a thorough and comprehensive induction and re-induction process, to educate your staff and update them on policies, procedures and process
  3. Benchmark staff results and set them goals to achieve.  Do not forget the positive and constructive feedback to improve their ability.  Performance reviews are a good way to help grow staff.  Quality staff want performance reviews conducted on a regular basis
  4. Ensure policies and procedures are clear and straight to the point to help improve staff and company performance
  5. Ensure your business is compliant with Fair Work Australia so you are a quality business following today’s requirements of pay rates and inclusions under the correct award.  It is imperative that you follow the Fair Work National Employment Standards not only for compliance, but also as your current and potential staff know their rights and want to work for a quality business

Getting your HR Process in order is hard for Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) but if you want to attract and keep quality staff in today’s educated employee market, this is a must for every SME.  If your business does not have a thorough HR Process then be prepared to lose these quality staff members.

Finding new quality staff?

Some of the best results for new staff are the ones who have been referred to you by existing staff members or better yet, a customer saying “I know someone that would be perfect for your business”.  So whether you’re in the market for new staff or not, interview the candidate as they could be your next ace in your business.

FREE Health Check

Over this January period Key Business Advisors is offering a health check on any business who would like us to benchmark themselves against Fair Work Australia expectations.  We are offering an over the phone no obligation free audit valued at $385.00 ex-GST to help your business for 2012.

Good luck for 2012 and if we can help in any way from taking your business from good to great then why not try us out?  To help you get started

For more information please e-mail info@keyba.com.au or call our advice hotline on 1300 4 Advice 

About The Author

Colin Wilson

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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