Employment law is becoming more complicated than ever for Small Business Owners. As a small business owner, you need to ensure that your business is 100% compliant when it comes to managing staff. There are many business owners who get caught up in a crisis situation which, in the end, costs them a fortune with lawyers to help mitigate the situation. The best way to prevent employee issues in a company is to invest in a professional HR Consultant. Be proactive and not reactive when it comes to managing staff. Engage a HR Consultant who can work with you on-site, so they can help your company grow.

 In today’s world, too many business owners end up in reactive situations that could have been prevented if they had someone they could rely on who knows their business. Let a HR Consultant help you deal with all the emotions when it comes to managing staff. Let them help you implement best practice HR in your company, so you can get back to business!

Where is Your Business at Today?

  • Emerging – If you’re a new business that is emerging into the market, and you are about to employ staff, then seek help from a HR Consultant;  they can guide you through the best way to employ your first staff member/s so it’s a good experience for you and them.
  • Growing – Many companies have great strategies to grow year-on-year, but they need help managing staff. As a company grows and develops, one of the last resources they think of investing in is a HR Professional. Too often they are perceived as too expensive for a small business. However, having someone on a part-time or need-by-need basis is a great investment. A good HR Consultant can help you deal with all people matters – good and bad.
  • Changing – As we live in such a competitive world, many companies have no choice but to change the way they do things. This normally means introducing diversity into the company. When things like this happen, one of the biggest challenges is managing staff behaviour, because they don’t like ‘change’. Your company may also need to introduce new skill sets, so you need to find the right people. Investing in a HR Consultant will definitely benefit your company. They can support your company through this process.
  • Downsizing – If a company needs to make some rational changes then it is extremely important to seek professional help. It can become very costly if you need to downsize or close off part of your business, and your company does not follow the right process. One of the first things a company does when downsizing is staff layoffs. This is because wages are one of the biggest costs for a business. Engaging a HR Consultant to support you through this process can help you make the right decisions. And it is also the most cost-effective way to do so.

A HR Consultant can help you with your People Management Process, especially if staff are underperforming, have low productivity or the lack of accountability. When a business is emerging, growing or changing, your focus should be on the staff’s engagement and performance. Lack of structure, vision or leadership can also hold a company back, but lack of motivation from staff, management conflict or difficult employees can damage the performance and reputation of your business. Getting the right advice and the right person to help you is not easy. Managing staff can be very draining but also very rewarding. As a result, it is important to get the right support so you can stay ahead and be proactive.

Many companies want issues to go away but most of the time things go from bad to worse. You need to be proactive and source the right HR Consultant for your company. Human Resource is a broad profession.  A professional HR Consultant can help you with Recruitment, Induction, Compliance, Performance Coaching, Performance Management to Termination. Employee engagement is everything that makes a company grow, so you need to have a plan. Many companies have a Business Plan or a Marketing Plan, but do they have a Staff Plan?

A HR Consultant is more than someone who just answers the phone when you have an issue. Key Business Advisors have been supporting many companies for the past 11 years. We have a mature team of HR Consultants who can support you. Our consultants can be embedded in your business when you need help to deal with the day to day issues of managing staff. But, more importantly, they will help you grow by keeping you on track with all HR matters. KBA HR Consultants have been serving clients throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

At KBA we are very passionate about taking businesses from good to great. We can help you implement a better HR Strategy in your company to deal with all HR aspects of managing staff.  We are here to help and assist you to achieve your company and personal goals

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us at Key Business Advisors on 1300 4 ADVICE


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Colin Wilson

Director and founder, Colin Wilson drives Key Business Advisors with determination, passion, and motivation.

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