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As many clients of Key Business Advisors are aware, employees who are required to wear Special Clothing by the Company are to be provided, reimbursement or pay for special clothing.

This includes the following:

  • Clothing with the company logo
  • Protective clothing for OH&S
  • Current season clothing to be worn by shop staff

This requirement does not just end here, if the employee is responsible for maintaining and cleaning the special/required uniform, companies whose relevant Modern Award is the General Retail Industry Award will be required to pay an allowance to launder the uniform. If this is the case employers are expected to pay an additional:

  1. $6.25 p/week for full-time staff
  2. $1.25 p/shift for part-time and casual staff

Even those who are classified under the Clerks Private Sector Award and are required to wear a uniform are entitled to this:

  1. $3.55 p/week for all staff

These allowances may be provided as an inclusion or an additional allowance on top of their rate of pay. Though owners and managers must take note, this allowance is to be clearly stipulated as an inclusion or exclusion from the rate of pay to ensure employees understand they are receiving all necessary entitlements under the Modern Award.

With Fair Work Australia consistently publicising themselves at university O-weeks and the news employees are always reminded of where this information is; it is more important than ever for employers to set up employment contracts, policies and procedures which express the terms and conditions of employment and the business expectations. If this is not done then employers are exposing themselves at high risk with Fair Work Australia.

What to do?

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  • Involve our HR service team to reduce your risk
  • Start Today!!!

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