Ashlie Harrison, Administration Assistant, has been awarded Key Business Advisors’ Employee of the Month for October.


Team members who nominated Ashlie for the award say they did so because:

  • For always offering to lend a hand to team members and doing so with little fuss. Also when receiving help from Ashlie it’s great to know the task will be done accurately and to a high standard
  • Always willing to help with anything, happy to provide suggestions, really thorough with her work
  • Ashlie has made great inroads in learning all there is to know about KBA and takes genuine feedback on board
  • Her attention to detail and problem solving skills

According to her colleagues the reasons Ashlie stood out for the month were: 

  • Being consistent each day and being a great team player
  • Just quietly gets her work done assisting others as required
  • Ashlie has been doing a lot of work for marketing and also the recruitment manual.  A lot of time was spent ensuring correctness of the content.
  • Ashlie has shown a great deal of initiative in her day to day work and problem solving skills

Colleagues said others could learn the following from Ashlie:

  • To always be thinking how you can assist another team member to help them with their role which in turn promotes communication throughout the business and improves or consolidates on a positive company culture
  • Attention to detail, continuous willingness to help and assist
  • Be organised and things will run smoothly for you
  • To logically think things through

About The Author

Colin Wilson

My passion is to HELP grow a company’s capabilities to reach its full potential. How I do that is by supporting many business owners in implementing better Business Strategies, Sales and Customer Services as well as drive Employee Engagement.

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