By Maja Trpevska
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Importance of HR in today’s Workplaces

We often talk about how employers know they need an accountant and a lawyer to help them grow their business, but why not HR? Many small to medium businesses are busy trying to grow, and as a result, they solely focus on roles that shall help support them get to the next level due to their financial situation.  Very rarely does this growth include HR. Little do they know the value of having HR in their business in an external capacity, which may just save you time and money.

The Role of HR

Workers and employers may think that the basic role of an HR person includes people management, and working on compliance and legislation, Company policies and procedures, payroll, leave, training and recruitment. Some understand we are generally considered when they have staffing issues within the business.

In today’s workplaces, HR is more than that. There are the added pressures of technology, social media, and artificial intelligence, and with the recent changes to the Fair Work Act, the role of HR has changed, especially in small to medium size businesses.

Some of the expectations now include being brand ambassadors and sharing social media posts, so potential candidates and clients get to know more about your business, the workplace culture and why they should either come work for you or why they should do business with you. People are even looking at the Company’s Google reviews, and social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

We look to provide an inspiring workplace environment and ensure constant engagement by staff. We find ways to attract the right talent and build the future of your brand and its business strategies. We are always looking at ways to ensure we are managing and mitigating risks to ensure the Company’s reputation and long-term success is at the forefront of people’s minds.

HR Services

Providing outsourced HR services, we at KBA are committed to supporting businesses to manage their employees in a way that is compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and current legislation. Our business recognises the common challenges companies face when recruiting, inducting, performance managing and dismissing employees and is determined to eliminate uncertainties employers face with the ever-changing Fair Work legislation.

If you need support with recruiting or managing your staff, improving staff performance, performance management, compliance to avoid fair work claims or legal situations, or want to improve your HR processes to achieve your business goals, or anything in between, reach out to one of our trusted HR team.

Not sure where to start, why not request a FREE HR Health Check to get you started or book a free 15-minute phone consultation?

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