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How do you currently induct your staff in your business?  Do you rush the process due to lack of time and resources?  Do you have a professional induction process with time lines and assessments or are you expecting immediate results with limited training and get frustrated when mistakes happen?

We have found that one of the common problems within SME Businesses is employers invest time and money in new staff who disappointingly leave within a short period of employment. Business owners are left to start the costly recruitment process all over again.  This is a frustrating process for all of those involved!

‘Up to 20% of new employees think about leaving their job in the first 3 months and nearly one in three new starters leave their job before the end of their first year costing businesses between 50 to 150% of the annual salary for the position’ (Australian Human Resources Institute 2011).*

Advice – Research has shown how a thorough induction links to staff retention.  A well-structured program results in an earlier return on investment with staff.  Through a positive and motivating initial training and development program, the new employee is comfortable about the professional experience with the business.  They are able to understand your systems, processes and culture allowing them to become more productive.  It is common that staff are put in a position to perform however how well do they know the systems and processes?

For SME businesses to create a good Induction Program can take time to develop and master, but it has to be done to ensure your staff’s introduction process is highly successful.  Staff will make a decision whether they stay long-term or short-term based on the commitment of the business to them within the first few weeks of starting.  You must focus on ensuring relevant information is communicated to your new employee, to build their knowledge within your business and get them productive as soon as possible.

Some tips that may help:

•    Show them how they are going to get started in your business
•    Make sure you cover all company policies and procedures with them
•    Let them know what your requirements of them is within their job role
•    Make sure you teach them the process and systems within your business
•    Make sure you thoroughly train them of your products and systems
•    Educate them on the sales process of how it works from start to finish within your business
•    Educate them about the value of your clientele and the importance of your high standards with customer retention
•    Make sure you explain all aspects of your business and what their contribution to your business will be
•    And make sure you assess them on their capabilities and give them goals to succeed

KBA has developed an Induction Program for Licensed Telstra Stores across Australia that has had high success!

For more help and information contact Key Business Advisors 1300 4 ADVICE

* Australian Human Resources Institute. 2011. Jump on board. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.ahri.com.au/MMSDocuments/comms/hrm_magazine/hrm_2011/HRM_December_2011_Jump_on_board.pdf. [Accessed 02 March 12].

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