Suzanne Jolliffe takes her Telstra Port Stephens stores from ‘Good to Great’ with the help of Key Business Advisors.


Suzanne knew her Telstra Port Stephens could do better. From an outside perspective, to the staff – it seemed everything was running smoothly. For Suzanne, the numbers just weren’t adding up. It’s one thing to get by day-to-day, but Suzanne, as a Telstra Licensee Association member of the Board within the Telstra community, wanted stores she could be proud of; stores that rocked the charts and made other Telstra stores sit up and take notice.

Key Results

  • 150% increase in productivity
  • 23% increase in employer and staff satisfaction
  • Significant return on investment per individual
  • A better performing, cohesive and supportive management team


Suzanne wanted to instil better skills in her team, but sales training alone hadn’t proved enough in the past. Suzanne knew and trusted Key Business Advisors, and so approached them for the help and direction she was looking for.

Suzanne underwent a Star Workplace Survey to see where the business could improve. Previous sales and retail training was reinforced to create a program more specialised to Telstra services. A nominated employee was assigned as an internal trainer and taken through the KBA Train the Trainer course.

The Star Workplace Survey opened Suzanne’s eyes to the differences in the expectations of her team, to her own. A 12-month plan was created, starting with the leadership team. The ‘Five Behaviors Model’ from Patrick Lencioni which is around Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results were used to really motivate the young management team. From here a full-blown HR system was set up, making Suzanne and her management team accountable on every little issue within the business.

Meetings were held every 6 – 8 weeks over a 12-month period to review progress and recommend any modifications. After 12 months of working on the business values, leadership team and performance processes, the satisfaction was up to 83% – a massive 60% increase from the first STAR workplace surveys, proving the changes had been successful to date.


Suzanne JolliffeBusiness Owner 
“It seemed like a lot at first, when you see it in one big lump sum. But really, breaking it down it worked out to just $1,000 per staff member. So, we thought, “Are we prepared to invest this in our staff?” The answer was a resounding YES. We tried something different and it worked. Why spend your time being just another business? I’d recommend Key Business Advisors to anyone looking for an edge on the competition.”

Key Results

Staff satisfaction was at the highest it had been in five years with the stores nominated for three prestigious awards at the TCW National Awards for Licensee of the Year and Community Engagement for each store. Suzanne was delighted to see an improvement in the overall business, and the new self-managed model gave Suzanne the freedom she had been craving. Relaxed in the knowledge that the business was now functioning as a stand-alone, Suzanne spent more time with her family and could also satisfy her passion for travel.


  • Star Workplace Satisfaction Surveys
  • Outsourced HR (Compliance)
  • Custom Business Planning
  • 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team (Team Leadership Training)
  • Retail Training Program
  • Talent Management and Development

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