Carina works as a Customer Service Advisor at Key Business Advisors on a part-time basis, where her primary responsibilities involve following up leads and responding to their enquiries.  Carina also manages the CRM and makes sure all the contacts are up to date. Her part plays an important role in identifying interest, nurturing leads and maximising opportunities for the business. She bridges the gap between sales and marketing and helps in identifying the right prospects. Carina is a very vibrant and enthusiastic person that enjoys building conversations with people. She believes her experience in retail and hospitality contributes to her current role and has immensely helped in shaping the person she is.

To hone her skills in Business Communications, Carina is pursuing a course in Business Public Relations at RMIT, which she hopes to deploy in business and sales. As she is passionate about working with small businesses, Carina eventually aims to obtain full-time employment at Key Business Advisors and help businesses go from ‘good to great’.

Carina is also the Ambassador of the Keyba Careers’ Employer Engagement Program – an online training program to help young adults get job-ready. Having done the program herself, she is been encouraging young job seekers to leverage from the program.

Apart from juggling two jobs, this Strathmore girl loves to socialise and enjoys exploring new places!

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