By Key Business Advisors
Covid-19 Webinars

Leadership in a time of disruption can be challenging. We all need to press on even if the uncertainty prevails and keep that wheels of commerce going. Over the last few months, many of us had to rethink, pivot and refocus our business strategy to survive. Now is the time to cement that pathway and lead your team with the new goals and objectives. Educate your leaders on managing upwards and make sure your staff is accountable and committed to producing the results you are foreseeing. This webinar will help you get a start with your overall company strategy and give you the confidence to articulate that vision to your team.

1) Setting Goals and Objectives this time round through COVID-19
2) People Management during COVID-19
3) Performance Management through COVID-19
4) Following Processes and Systems through COVID-19
5) Minimising your Risk during COVID-19

Setting the right pathway to trade though the second round of COVID-19- Final

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