Interpreting and calculating payroll matters can be quite challenging in these times. We are seeing a lot of small businesses struggling to get this right. Therefore, we decided to host a ‘Payroll’ Webinar in conjunction with the City of Moonee Valley to help local businesses get through these changing times. Whether you’re applying for a stimulus such as Job Keeper payment or Standing down an employee, it’s important that you know your obligation/s as an Employer.

Slide Deck – COM-Managing your payroll during COVID-19 – Final


  • Colin Wilson, Director, Key Business Advisors 
  • Maja Trpevska, HR Consultant, Key Business Advisors 


1) The importance of getting your payroll right during COVID-19

  • Why are so many businesses getting confused? 
  • Why record keeping is your number 1. priority  
  • How to reduce your liability as an employer? 

2) How to avoid making payroll mistakes during COVID-19

  • Understanding entitlements and non-entitlements through Job Keeper 
  • Understanding rostering, award compliance, Public Holiday payments, Casuals etc 
  • How to avoid potential underpayments.  

3) Your obligations around staff Wages and Superannuation

  • Staff hours during JobKeeper  – keep the same hours or can they change? 
  • Do staff allowances still apply during the stand-down period or staff not working? 
  • Superannuation payments during JobKeeper  – what do I have to pay?

4) The most common payroll questions KBA is constantly being asked?

  • Can staff take leave during JobKeeper and how to process payroll 
  • Can I reduce an employee’s hourly rate during JobKeeper? 
  • Can I pay an employee pro-rata amount for JobKeeper? 

5) Getting your employees back on track as we all return to work!

  • The importance of getting your staff to work as a team to get your business refocused 
  • Ways to check in on your staff wellbeing that rebuilds staff morale and culture  
  • Why your Leadership is your No 1. Priority! 

6) Take advantage of MVCC Business Support with their Government Funding Program

  • What is it? 
  • How does it work? 
  • How to apply?  

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