All businesses, those in Victoria especially, need to learn how to run a Hybrid Business. But what is a Hybrid Business?

It is a business that can pivot quickly during this new Covid normal, much like a hybrid car that can quickly switch from electric to petrol. Covid is not going away, in Victoria, we never know what is coming next. One week we might be in the office, the next we’re in lockdown again, which means sorting out how to work from home. More than ever your company needs to be adaptable. Whether there is lockdown or no lockdown, we all need to create a model that suits the new world we live in and allow our teams to have the flexibility to work from home and in the office, whilst keeping our business profitable. This is known as the Hybrid Model.

We have all be challenged by the pandemic over the past 18 months. Many companies have been forced to update their technology to make things work. I do not believe any company would purchase a standalone computer anymore. Instead, I see businesses moving forward with laptops, with monitors and docking stations at the office. This allows staff the flexibility to use the laptops at home and at work. And those companies who were not utilising cloud technology, have been forced to make the change.

Do you want to get serious and create a Hybrid Model in your business, ensure you set in place the following:


  • Be Adaptive: As a leader, you need to explain and set ground rules regarding your Hybrid Model this ensures everyone understands the game plan both for a normal week and during a government lockdown. When your whole team is adaptable there is very little impact on the day to day running of your company. It also helps provide a better work/life balance for employees.


  • Be Collaborative: Collaboration is everything with a Hybrid Model. If you have staff working from home, then it is a team effort. Everyone needs to support one another. It is extremely important that there is good direction and accountability in your company.  If you have a solid business plan for your future with solid goals and objectives, then the message is clear. Everyone is on the same page, and this will naturally  generate good collaboration.


  • Have Good Communication: As per Adaptive and Collaborative above, if everyone is on the same page then your company is ready and built for success. Clear and concise is important with a Hybrid Model. If you have a company with great culture, then people who may not understand will reach out for better clarity and reassurance before they take ownership and make decisions.


  • Staff Engagement:  Staff engagement is everything for success. Your staff need to know what the objectives are and who can provide guidance for them within your company. They also need to know who to go to if there is an issue, and what to do for the best outcomes. When people are working from home there are times when things become challenging so it is more important than ever that your staff are engaged and collaborative. Remember, this is all about achieving the best outcomes for your customer to protect the brand they represent.


  • Team of Trust: Trust is everything in a company. No Trust, No Business! You cannot build a Hybrid Model without trust. When you have trust in a company, your team members will hold each other accountable to get the best outcomes. This results in a staff who are committed and accountable, working as a team to achieve the collective goals and objectives.


Key Business Advisors is a Network Member of HR Coach Australasia, who recently produced a white paper on “Surviving and Growing in an Uncertain environment” which is all about making sure your organisation has 3 things as per this diagram:

:  Regardless of the business size, having the right culture within your company will make all the difference in its success or failure. It is how people can adapt to support one and another. This should be led by both the management and staff to keep the company growing.


Capability: Leaders contribute to the great culture in your company, along with capable staff that you can rely on. Staff need to be trained and supported, and when the pressure is on, staff need to have the capability to deliver the results to meet customer expectations. If not, they at least need to know who they can go to, within your company, for support in order to deliver the best outcomes.


Complexity: The business model of Hybrid Model helps you ensure you have the right processes and procedures in place to deliver on customer promises. Be adaptive, work with a collaborative team, have good communication and engagement, and you will always deliver on your company’s capability. With trust, built by the Hybrid Model, your team will take ownership and deliver every time.


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If your company needs to learn more about how to operate within a Hybrid Model, then please contact KBA today. It is important to ensure you have the right plan and great staff culture in place first before you create your Hybrid Model.

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