Has Your Business Had a HR Health Check?

Have peace of mind knowing your business is compliant and safe from any
risks with this free HR assessment.

As a business owner, worrying about the complexities of policies and procedures, can often be put
on the backburner, especially when you’re too busy focusing on the day-to-day activities of running
a successful business. Put your mind at ease with this quick and simple HR Health Check and let our
HR experts do the rest.

Rest assured, knowing that one of our HR experts has completed a health check on your
organisation, identifying any potential risks you may have in the workplace. With this free HR health
check, we will advise if your business is compliant and will make recommendations to ensure your
business is safe from any risks and how to implement best-practise HR processes for the future.

Complete the HR Health Check today by answering a few simple questions and one of our HR experts will contact you shortly!

HR Health Check

1 Recruitment
2 Induction
3 Staff Management
4 Payroll and Entitlements
5 Documentation and Policies
6 Leave Entitlements
7 HR Maintenance
8 Contact Details
  • Recruitment