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By Rebecca Hoang
Business Improvement COVID 19 Human Resources

There should be no surprise, but it has been increasingly challenging to recruit the right candidate during this pandemic. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was an employer’s market where there was more supply of candidates than demand. Almost two years later, it is a candidate’s market where there is more demand for workers than the available supply. 

There are a few reasons for this, including;

Job Security 

Previously, a prospective employee would move on from their current role for the slightest pay increase or additional benefit. However, we are finding that if the employee has been employed throughout the pandemic, they are less likely to move to a new employer due to job security.  


As there is more supply than demand, candidates may have multiple recruitment processes on the go, so by the time you have had a first-round interview with them, they’ve already received another offer. In this market, candidates are more selective of the roles they accept as they have a variety to choose from due to the demand. 

Company Benefits 

Benefits such as working from home, office fruits, or monthly morning teas were all once benefits to attract candidates. However, these are now normal expectations. If your company does not have a strong brand or Employee Value Proposition (EVP), it will be harder to attract the right candidates.


As restrictions ease, the demand will balance out, and recruitment will be easier. In the meantime, there are a few things that you can do to help attract and retain the right talent.

  1. Continue to build your company brand and EVP to attract talent.
  2. Think outside the box with your recruitment. Try posting through social media such as Facebook Job Groups and Instagram.
  3. Use your network. Ask for candidate referrals from your business network. This can include past employees or clients.
  4. Do a talent search. The good old posting of a job ad isn’t the best method for the time being. You have to actively headhunt and search for talent. Use networking platforms such as Seek Talent Search and LinkedIn to help with this. Think about transferrable skills, and don’t focus too much on the candidate’s job title. 

These are some suggestions that may help with the recruitment. There’s no magic wand fix to the situation, but if you keep persisting, you’re sure to find the best people to recruit during the pandemic.


Help is available if you need it! Key Business Advisors can support you with recruitment and induction, our experienced HR professionals are ready to help you. 

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