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By Key Business Advisors
Covid-19 Webinars Human Resources Webinar

Keeping a check on employees and gathering their feedback has never been more important. Now more than ever because workplace interactions are replaced with video chats and messages, companies need to connect better with their employees and help them navigate through these tumultuous times.

Engaged employees are invaluable to any business; they can boost your revenue up to two and a half times and are less likely to leave your organisation. Besides that, creating a heathy feedback culture can be a very rewarding experience for your employees; it makes them feel recognised and appreciated.

So, if you’re looking to connect better with your employees, the best place to start will be asking for their ‘feedback’. Join this webinar and unlock some of the advantages of taking staff feedback and learn how to create a healthy feedback culture.

– The value of getting staff feedback
– The most effective ways to get staff feedback
– Why you must act on staff/ team feedback?
– Understand why most staff leave
– Why employee engagement is everything that can make or break your business

How staff feedback can make or break your business – WEBINAR


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