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Business Improvement Covid-19 Webinars

In the business world, time is an important ‘commodity’. Being disorganised can be detrimental and very costly; it impacts employee morale and results in poor productivity. Now is the time to focus all your energy on what really matters and streamline your process to maximise efficiency.   Key Business Advisors is teaming up with Sue Glasser, Time Management and Organising expert at Paperclip, to help you think about streamlining your business and getting you back on track post-COVID-19.

By watching this webinar, you will get an understanding of the three main costs associated with being disorganised and tips to combat inefficiency. Other topics include:

Topic 1. The importance of being organised  

  • Being distracted with COVID-19
  • The importance of getting your business back on track
  • What does success look like to thrive in the new Financial Year

Topic 2.  What is disorganisation costing you?   

Breaking down the 3 main costs of disorganisation and the literal cost to your business

  • Time
  • Money
  • Emotional

 Topic 3.  Getting your to-do list done  

  • How to effectively ensure that your tasks get done
  • Scheduling times to get things done
  • Dealing with email tasks

Topic 4.  Beating Procrastination  

  • What are some solutions
  • Learn how to deal with distraction
  • Learn ways to run smarter meetings

 Topic 5. Take control of being a leader  

  • How can you improve your time management?
  • Being in control of your own destiny
  • Lead from the front

About Sue Glasser: 

Sue Glasses is a Certified organising Professional, consultant, speaker & workshop facilitator, trained in the Paper Flow® Paperwork system and in8®steps Home Organising systems. She helps companies implement organising solutions tailored to their specific needs

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