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Emerging trends and changes in the legislation is affecting businesses of all sizes in Australia. Time and time again, businesses are unsure if they are implementing best practice HR. To keep up with the changing ‘face of HR’, Business Owners and Managers are expected to stay ahead with the developments. At this webinar, Colin Wilson will share what it means to implement best practice HR and discuss a few case studies to outline the impact of overlooking compliance.

As you might know, large retailers are in the news lately for underpaying their staff and FWO has come up with the legislation clause that ensures that employers pay correctly. Stephanie Hosking our HR Manager will be touching upon this topic and if you are confused about the new annualised salary legislation, this is your chance to get your burning questions answered.

Join Colin Wilson and Stephanie Hosking as they discuss HR best practice in 2020. Topics include:

1) The importance of documenting everything
2) Understanding compliance and your obligations
3) The importance of record-keeping
4) How to have better employee engagement
5) Understanding where businesses go wrong

Free Giveaway

Attendees will get a free HR Checklist- to help assess where your business is at. We also encourage you to book in a 15-20-minute ‘No obligation Free Consultation’ with our HR Consultants after the webinar, to discuss any issues that you might have in your business.

Note : The HR checklist and the link to book free consultation is available only for the webinar attendees.

Come along and get some valuable information!

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