By Stephanie Hosking | Hr Manager

Employers are being asked to Covid-proof their workplaces as staff return to the office. We have put together a checklist to help employers get a start with their plans. The aim is to help businesses think about what they should consider before getting employees back into the office.

Please note that this is only a guide to help you get started with your covid safe plan. This should be used in conjunction with the business’ current policies such as pandemic policy, leave policy etc. The contents in the guideline do not constitute any professional advice and  should not be used for businesses qualified as ‘High-Risk Workplaces’.  Bear in mind, that every business is unique, therefore it’s important that you customise this document according to the nature of your industry.


Preparing to open office for onsite work? Here’s what you need to know:

  • For starters, Businesses should consult with their employees as they prepare for their return. This is regarded as best practice. Involving them in the process builds commitment and increases buy-in.


  • It is a legal requirement now for businesses to have a COVIDSafe plan in place. The plan must be implemented as soon as the business re-opens and should be reviewed regularly to ensure it stays relevant. Inform your employees once it has been finalised and notify them of any changes you make.


  • The COVIDSafe Plan has been developed to support businesses to safely reopen, maintain a COVIDSafe workplace and prepare for a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace.


If you need help creating a covid safe plan for your workplace, take advantage of our free 15min chat with a HR advisor.

Workplace CovidSafe Guideline


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Stephanie Hosking

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